How do I edit or cancel my customer subscription?

If you are a SendOutCards customer, you may edit or cancel your subscription following the steps below.

1. Login to your SendOutCards account.

2. Click on “Main Menu”, then click on “Customer Account Manager”.

3. Next, click on "View/Edit Subscription Profile" in the "My Subscription" box.

4. Here you can modify your subscription by changing the date it runs, the number of points you buy, or your payment information.

5. If you would like to cancel the subscription, click the "Cancel Profile" link located below the subscription information then confirm the cancellation by clicking "Yes."

By canceling the subscription you will no longer be qualified for the reduced point price. A 30 day period is required before the subscription could be reactivated however, you will still be able to use the account to send cards and gifts.

You may also cancel your subscription by completing the following online form. Your request will be completed within 48 business hours:

UPDATED 1/25/2016

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