How do I create a campaign?

The SendOutCards campaign system allows you to create, save and send card campaigns quickly, to one or more recipients with ease. A card campaign can consist of as little as one card or as many cards as you’d like send someone. When you utilize the campaign feature you are able to easily send the same card or cards, to a group of contacts in just a few clicks and keep the card saved on the account. The campaign system also allows you to customize the sending settings to schedule cards in advance to go out based on birthday or anniversary information that is saved within your contacts. If you are looking for instructions on sending a campaign, please feel free to also review the campaign sending steps. Or if you are a more visual person, feel free to sit back, relax and watch the campaign creation and sending process in the following tutorial.


To create a campaign simply follow these steps:

1. From the Home Page, hover over the Main Menu and click on Campaign Manager, located under the Create A Campaign option.

2. The Campaign Manager page will reveal any saved campaigns you have created in your acount. To create a new campaign, simply click on the "Create New Campaign" button on the left side of the page.

3. By doing so, you will be taken to the Edit Campaign screen. The first steps to creating a campaign is to name the campaign and also select the return address that you would like to have printed on the return address portion of the envelope. After you have entered that information, click on Create A New Card For This Campaign. **You will then follow the next steps to create a new card or to select a saved card from your account and then add it to the campaign**

4. Give your card a name and enter the information for the card you are adding to the campaign the click the "Continue" button.

5. Browse the Card Catalog and click on a card you want to use in your campaign. Select a Postcard, Greeting Card, or a 3 Panel Card to begin personalizing in the Card Editor. If you'd like to use a card that is saved in your My Cards folder, you will want to access the folder and click on the image of the card you'd like to use. Then, click on Continue Draft or the Create Picture Plus Card option to load the card into the card editor.

6. Personalize the card by adding custom text either from the text selection or your own personal handwriting font, add picture, insert a name and don't forget your signature; then click on Continue at the bottom of the page. Many campaign users utilize the Insert Name function to automaticlly insert the name of the contact into the card before printing. You can find more information on that function here: Insert Function Overview.

7. Select a gift to add to your campaign or click on the "Continue Without Gift" button.

8. Select your desired date to have your campaign sent by clicking on the drop down menu under Delivery Information. You can select "Immediate", "Birthday" or "Anniversary" for the send date. You will only use the Month and DAY boxes if selecting the Specific Date option. If no Specific Date is selected the boxes do not need to be checked or filled out.

9. Click on the "Save Card, Go Back To Campaigns" button in the lower right corner. That will bring you back to the Edit Campaign Screen showing the full details of your new campaign which has been saved. If you need to edit, change the card, or delete the card, simply click on the available options next to the campaign card listed.

Your campaign is now ready for you to send to send! Follow the campaign sending steps to ensure accuracy.

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