Where can I view the campaign, that I just sent?

Once you have sent a campaign, the cards will be scheduled for printing based on the sending guidelines you have set up in the campaign. The cards that are scheduled can be viewed in a couple of places on the site.

You can view all campaign cards scheduled for a future send date from the unfulfilled campaign screen. From the main menu, select Card History . Once on that page you can click on view unfulfilled campaigns. That screen will show a listing for each scheduled card. Each listing will show the date sent which is the date you went in the system and scheduled the card, the name of the campaign the card was sent from, the name of the recipient and an edit button. You can click on the edit button, to the right of each listing to view the date the card is scheduled to print and mail.

To view campaign cards that have already printed, you will view the cards in the card history option, under the main menu. Select the send date range to view all cards printed within those dates and click on search. Each listing will show the date the card was printed, the recipient name and address and the status of the card. For more information on the status of the card, you can review the following link: What does the status on my card mean?

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