How do I share a picture plus card to another SendOutCards account?

The SendOutCards system allows you to share picture plus cards, that you create, with another SendOutCards account. The walk through below will go over that process. Only Picture Plus cards (cards you created from a blank start) are able to be shared. If you are looking for directions on sharing a campaign to another user, you can find that information here: How do I share a campaign?

1-From the main page on your account, access the card catalog by clicking on the send card option.

2-Once the card catalog is pulled up, you will need to access the picture plus card folder. That folder will display all saved picture plus cards on your account. Locate and click on the MY CARDS folder, then click on picture plus cards.

3-To share the cards, you will need to select the box next to the card to share. Enter the account number to share the card to, in the box that says, "Enter ID number of user". Then click the, "Share Selected Cards" option.

***NOTE: When sharing to accounts you will enter the account number. For customer accounts you will need to enter a lower case "r" in front of the account number. For example if the customer account number is 12345, enter r12345***

4-After clicking on the, "Share Selected Cards" option. A message box will display to confirm the account name you are sharing to. Verify that you entered the correct account number, then select the," share to selected" option to share the card.

5-The user you are sharing to, will be able to find the card in the shared picture plus cards folder, after clicking on MY CARDS in the card catalog.

UPDATED 12/1/2015

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