How do I create and send a card?

The SendOutCards system allows you to quickly act on your promptings, and send out a real greeting card with a few clicks. The basic card/gift sending process is outlined below.


1.From SendOutCards click on, CARD CATALOG at the top of the page

2.Find the card desired from the categories shown and click on it. A preview window will show.

3.In the preview window. Select the type of card, you wish to send, by clicking on the links to the left. Postcard, 2 Panel Card, 3 Panel Card or Big Card.

4.Customize your card by adding text, images, and text. Once complete click on the continue button to send the card. This will load the card into your cart. If you do not wish to send, click on the save now option and the card will be saved in your drafts folder.

5. After clicking continue, the card will be loaded into your cart. A preview image of your card will appear in the cart. If you have the Custom Brand Manager option on your account, you will be able to choose the custom back you want to be printed on the card. If you do not have the Custom Brand Manager option, the standard default back will print on the card. From the cart page, you will have the ability to add a gift to your order. Once you are ready to complete the order, click on CHECKOUT.

NOTE: Custom Brand Manager enabled accounts will allow you to select the custom back to be printed on the card. Once you have chosen the correct custom back, you will continue the same checkout process.

6. During the checkout process , the toolbar at the top will show you the step you are on (Return Address, Recipient Address. Shipping Options, and Payment). The first step is to verify the return address. The default address from your account will load, but the address may be changed as you wish. Make sure all required fields are completed (First Name, Last Name, Address 1, City, State, and Zip). Once you have verified the address, click on NEXT STEP.

7. The next step will be the SEND TO ADDRESS screen. From this screen, you can select to send to a single recipient or multiple recipients. The multiple recipients system should be used to send a card to 2- 25 recipients. If sending to more the 25 recipients, you will want to remove your card from the cart and send your card via the campaign system by following the walkthrough here.


A-To select a contact from your contact manager, click the SELECT FROM CONTACTS option

B-To manually enter a contact, complete the address input fields. Remember to always complete ALL the required fields (First Name, Last Name, Address 1, City, State, and Zip). Don't forget to verify the country field as well, for all those International cards you may be sending!

C-Once your recipiant address is complete. Click on NEXT STEP.


NOTE:When sending to multiple recipients, all recipients must be loaded into your contact manager before the checkout process.

To send to multiple recipients, first select the multiple recipients option then click on the SELECT FROM CONTACTS button to pull up the contact search screen.

From the multiple recipients search screen, follow the steps below to select the recipients to send the card to:

A-Search for the contact in the search box. The system works best when you search for a first or last name only, instead of the full name. After clicking on search, the results will display below.

B-Select the box next to the contact you wish to send to. this will place a green check next to the contact. You can click on multiple contacts to select them. Once you have selected the first contact, you can go back up to the search box (A) to search for the next contact and complete the same selection process, until all your contacts are selected. DO NOT CLICK ON THE BLUE SELECT RECIPIENTS BUTTON UNTIL ALL CONTACTS ARE SELECTED!

C-Once all your contacts are selected, click on the blue SELECT RECIPIANTS button.

8.The shipping options screen will be displayed. You will have the option to change the shipping method (if available) for your order. Certain Express Shipping options are only available for gift items. All cards will be sent via Standard Shipping. Click on the blue, CONFIRM AND GO TO PAYMENT button to continue the checkout process.

9.The payment screen will display the final total for your order. Both points and expense totals will be displayed. For more information on points and expense click here. If you do not have enough points and/or expense in your account, a prompt will appear. Otherwise, click on SEND CARD to complete the order.

10. Once your order is complete, a confirmation page will be displayed. You will also find the card(s) in your Scheduled Cards.

UPDATED 10/13/2016

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