How do I edit or cancel a card I just sent?

Once a card or campaign has been sent to the queue, you have until 11:59 pm, mountain standard time, to make changes to or cancel the card(s). Please follow the steps below to edit/cancel a card.

To cancel an individual card:

  1. Once logged in hover over Main Menu and click on Card History
  2. The date will default to the current day. Click on "Search" or select "View All Scheduled Cards"
  3. To Edit the Card: select the card that you wish to edit by selecting "Edit." This will let you edit the inside of the card. To edit the address, recipient or gift it is necessary to select "Modify" instead. You will see a message stating that the card will be cancelled. You do not need to worry about this meeage as long as you keep clicking on Continue and Next Step until you can click on Send Card like you would have done origninally.
  4. To cancel the card: place a check next to the card(s) and then click on the "Cancel Selected Cards" button at the top.
  5. A box will pop up asking you to confirm and you will click "OK" to finalize the selection.

To cancel an unfulfilled campaign:

  1. Once logged in hover over Main Menu and click on Card History
  2. Click on "View Unfulfilled campaigns"
  3. Select the recipients that you wish to cancel by checking the box
  4. Click on "Cancel Selected Campaigns" to remove the card or cards from production.
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