Each card and gift sent through the SendOutCards system will go through a 4 step validation process to ensure the following are accurate:

1. Address Validation: The address validation will check to ensure the address of your recipient is correct. A rejection can occur if that person has moved and is no longer at that address OR if an apartment number is missing from the address.

2. Asset Verification (Images): A rejection can occur if an image does not print as it should such as, stretched images or, if the image is deemed inappropriate and violates the terms in the Policies and Procedures.

3. Fair-Use Policy: Violations against the Fair Use Policy can cause cards to be rejected.  To learn more about the Fair-Use Policy, go to the Approved Downloads section and select SendOutCards Fair-Use Policy.

4. Payment Verification: If the credit card payment fails, the card(s) will be held for payment issue. An email will be sent and a notification will be added to the Account Notification Center.

If one of the above cannot be verified, you will receive a notification explaining what needs to be corrected in order for the card and gift (if a gift is included) can be mailed out.  


1. How will I know if a card has been rejected? 

-You will receive an email to the address listed on your account explaining the reason for the rejection as well as a notification of the rejection in your Account Notification Center. 

2. I was charged for my order 3 days after creating it, why?

-The credit card declined during the first 3 attempts until reaching the 3rd day after creating an order. 

Updated: 2/5/2019

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