How do I fix import errors?

This article will outline the cause and solution of most common displayed errors when completing imports.

Error: "There are duplicates in your csv headers"

Common causes:

1-You will want to ensure that you have no duplicate column titles in row 1 on your spreadsheet. You will also want to ensure that you have no empty columns in your spreadsheet. All columns should have a title in row A.

2-Your spreadsheet contained hidden formatting (hyperlinks, bold fonts or other formatting) when you saved it as a text tab delimited file format. To resolve the issues you will need to copy the data from your Excel spreadsheet and paste it into a new spreadsheet as values only. This will paste only the data and none of the formatting that is causing the error. Then you can save as a text (tab delimited) file format and complete the upload.

Error: Error Page after selecting the file and clicking the blue, "Import Contacts" button.


Common cause: The most common cause of this error is that your spreadsheet is not in the proper text (tab delimited) file format. Ensure your spreadsheet of contacts is formatted correctly following the contact import format overview:

If your file is in the correct format, please feel free to contact support and provide the Error ID for further assistance.

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