How do I format my spreadsheet to import contacts?

The SendOutCards system will allow you to import contacts from a spreadsheet directly into your contact manager.

Over the years, we have assisted with the importing of thousands of contacts for our wonderful customers and distributors. In doing so, we have learned a few things that we would like to share which may help your importing process go smoothly and successfully.

Feel free to review the import format video overview and helpful tips below.

Your spreadsheet will need to have separate columns for each field of data that you are wanting to import as shown below.

You can also download a basic template here: ContactsTemplate.xlsx

The following fields are required for each contact to import properly:

-First Name

-Last Name

-Address 1




**NOTE: A country field is not required. If no country field is used on your spreadsheet the default country on your account contact information will be used for all contacts**

Ensure the spreadsheet is as "clean" as possible.

-Remove any unnecessary columns in the spreadsheet. You will want to remove any data that is not going to be uploaded as well as any blank columns.

-Remove any unnecessary formatting (borders, colors, hyperlinks, etc.). You can copy the data and paste it to a blank spreadsheet to remove unnecessary formatting. Before you save in the final text (tab delimited) file format.

-Remove any foreign characters. Currently the SendOutCards contact manager does not support these characters.

Birthday and Anniversary dates

Birthday and Anniversary dates must be in one the following formats: MM/DD or MM/DD/YYYY. *The YEAR information is NOT required, but if being imported, must include all 4 digits*

-If Excel is auto-formatting your dates you can follow the steps below to display the correct format:

  • Select the columns in your spreadsheet that include dates
  • Right click and select “Format Cells”
  • Choose the “Date” Category
  • Select “3/14” if your spreadsheet does NOT include a year, or “3/14/2012” if your spreadsheet DOES include the year

Importing into groups

If you are importing into a group make sure the group has already been created in your contact manager and include a group column in your spreadsheet with the name of that group included. The group name listed in the spreadsheet must match the group name in your Contact Manager EXACTLY.**We suggest copying the Group name from your contact Manager and pasting it directly into your spreadsheet to ensure they are identical for a successful import**

Once your spreadsheet is ready to save for import the file must be saved in a text (tab delimited) file format. All other formats will not allow the information to import. From the file menu click "save as". When the save window comes up you will select "text (tab delimited)" as the save as type.

Now that your file is ready for import you can proceed with the import process outlined here: How to Import Contacts

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