How do I import contacts?

The SendOutCards system will allow you to import your contacts, via a few simple steps, into your contact manager. You will need to ensure that the spreadsheet, containing your contacts, is formatted following the import format instructions.

Once you have your formatted spreadsheet, you can view the tutorial video below or the step by step directions.


Step by step directions:

1. Once the document has been saved, go to SendOutCards and click on the Main Menu option at the top. Under Contacts, click on the "Import Contacts" link.

2.Click the "Browse" button and select the Text (tab delimited) file you saved on your computer, that you want to import.

3. Find the location of the file on your computer, select the file and click open.

**If you receive an error, and can't select the file. You will want to verify the import file is formatted correctly following the import format guidelines available here: Import Format Guidelines **

MAC users may notice that the import file is grayed out and is not able to be selected. Please review the following walk through for selecting the file to import: Selecting Import file on MAC

4. Once the file is selected; leave the profile option as none, click on the blue "import contacts" button.

5.The system will proceed to the field matching page. This page will allow you to match the contact manager fields with the column titles on your spreadsheet. Use the drop down menu on the right to select your corresponding column title. You will match all the columns from your spreadsheet. If there are fields that you do not have information to upload to, you will select "not in file". To avoid incomplete contacts, you will want to ensure you have all the required fields for each contact. The required fields are first name, last name, address 1, city, state and zip.

** If you do not see your spreadsheet column titles listed in the drop down menu please review the spreadsheet formatting guidelines, as your file may not be in the proper text (tab delimited) file format or the file may not be formatted correctly.**

6. Move your way down the fields matching the fields on the left with the column titles from your spreadsheet. If you are wanting to import your contacts into a group you will want to ensure that you have a column set up on your spreadsheet containing the group name next to each contact. Then match the import group field with the column title from your spreadsheet which contains the group names next to each contact **The group name must be set up in your SendOutCards account prior to importing the contacts and the group name in the account must match the group listed next to each contact on your spreadsheet. If they are not exactly the same or you do not choose a group, the contacts will up uploaded to your unassigned folder within the contact manager. **

Once all the fields are matched you will click on the blue continue button, located on the bottom of the page.

7. The following page will show a sample of the data to ensure that the fields are matched up correctly. You will want to ensure that the column titles match the correct data from your spreadsheet. The order of the columns does not matter on the screen but you will want to ensure the correct data type is in each column. Once that is verified, you will scroll down and select the "Import entire file" button.

8.The import is now in process and the following Import Report screen will confirm it is in process. You can refresh that page, or click on the following link: to access the page at a later time.

Once the import request is finalized, when you refresh the screen you will be able to click on "See Report" to confirm that the contacts were imported.

Next to each contact you should see a completed or a fail message.

Your contacts are now imported. To view or edit the contacts in your contact manager or to send a campaign you will want to review the campaign sending tutorial, at the following link: How to Send Campaign

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