How do I display a list of contacts assigned to a specific group?

The following walkthrough will review the process for pulling up a exsisting group of contacts within your contact manager.

1-From the main page, hover your mouse over main menu on the toolbar. Then click on the, " find a contact" option found under the contact manager menu.

2- That will pull up the contact search screen.You will proceed to scrolld down and find the, groups to include section.

3-You will notice that all the groups within your contact manager will be checked. To pull up only a specific group, you will want to only check the group, or groups, that you want to view. You can use the blue, "clear group selection" button to unselect all the groups, then place a check mark next to the group or gorups to view. In the example below, the employee group is the group we wish to view. Once that is compelte you will lcik on the green, "find contact" button.

4-The next screen will display all the contacts that are assigned into the group. This is also the screen you would send a campaign from, if you wanted to send to the group. If you need assistance in sending a campaign, you can review the steps at the following link:How to Send a Campaign

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