How do I manage my contact groups?

The SendOutCards system allows you to organize contacts into groups. Having your contacts organized in groups allows for easy navigation of contacts and campaign sending. Please feel free to review the "How to Create and Manage You Groups" video below. Also below you will find links to answers of various questions, in regards to working with groups within your contact manager.

How do I create groups in the contact manager?

How do I pull up a list of contacts assigned to a specific group?

To pull up a list of contacts in a specific group follow these steps:

  1. Go to your contact manager by hovering over Main Menu and clicking on "Find Contact"
  2. Scroll down near the bottom and click “Clear Group Selection”
  3. Check mark the group you want to view, and click "Find Contact". This will generate a list of each contact in the specific group selected.

How do I assign contacts to a group in the contact manager?

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