How do I create a gift account?

SendOutCards users are able to create gift accounts for contacts. The accounts are created using points/expense from the users account. Follow the walk through below to manually create a gift account.

1-The recipient of the gift account must be a saved contact in your contact manager. You can click the, "new contact" option under main menu to add and save the new contact. If the contact is already in your contact manager, you can click on the "find a contact" option and search for the contact.

2-After searching for the contact, click on the view option next to the contact you want to create a gift account for.

3-The Edit Contact screen will open up for the contact you selected. To create a gift account for the contact, locate and click on the green, "Enable Gift Account" option.

4-The gift account screen will open for that contact. To create the gift account you will complete the fields on the screen as follows:

Account Lifetime- The amount of days that the account will stay open before expiring. If the user does not place an order for points, the account will expire and the points/expense will be deposited back to the account that created the gift account.

Username- The username for the account. This is the username, that the user will log into the site with. Keep in mind that the user name must not be taken by any other SendOutCards account. Email addresses and combinations of letters and numbers work best, to ensure that a user name that is already taken is not selected. The system will prompt you if the user name is already taken.

Password-The password for the account. Many users will choose a basic default password, and instruct the gift account holder to log in and change the password.

Sample Points-The amount of points that will be deducted from your account and deposited to the gift account.

Sample Expense- The amount of expense that will be deducted from your account and deposited to the gift account.

Email- Email address that the account will be created under.

5- Click the green, "save" button to create the gift account. The edit contact screen will come back up and you should see the gift account created.

**No notice will be sent to the new gift account holder so be sure to give the account username and passwords to the gift account recipient. They will be able to log in as a user on

UPDATED 11/24/2015

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