How do I export contacts to a spreadsheet?

The SendOutCards contact manager system, allows you to export contacts from the contact manager.. Follow the steps below to export your contacts.

1-You will need to pull up the list of contacts that you want to export, from your contact manager. You can export all of your contacts or export only a group. From the main menu, choose the "find a contact" option to pull up the contact search page.

-To pull up a list of all your contacts, scroll down on the page and click on find contact without entering any search information.

-To pull up only a group, follow the walk through on displaying contacts assigned to a group here: How to display all contacts in a specific group?

2- Once you have the contacts displayed on your screen. Locate and click on the green export option, located in the upper right corner of the screen. Depending on the amount of contacts you are exporting, the system may take a few minutes to create the download file.

3- Once the download file is ready, a window will prompt you to open or save the file. From here you can select to open or save the file on your computer. The export file will be in a CSV file format. You can click the save file option and click OK to save the file on your computer. Many users will want the file to be in a spreadsheet type format, with each data field separated in columns. To change the file format and separate the data, you will want to select the, Open with notepad" option and click OK. Then follow the steps below.

4-Once you have the file opened in notepad, select all the data and copy it to your clipboard. A quick and easy way to do this is to click into the notepad window, hold CTRL + A to select all the data, then hold CTRL+ C to copy the data.

5-You will then need to paste the data into a blank spreadsheet. Open up your spreadsheet application (Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, Apple Numbers), and select the first cell. You will then paste the data into the spreadsheet. CTRL+ V will be the keyboard shortcut to paste the data. The data should now be displayed in the separated format. Make sure you save the file to your computer for future access.

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