How do I import my contacts into a specific group?

To import contacts into a group please follow the steps below:

  1. The new group needs to be created first. To create a group, hover your mouse over Main Menu and then click on Groups
  2. In the Add New Group, field enter the name of the new group and click the "Add Group" button.
  3. When you export your contacts to an Excel sheet, prior to importing them into your Contact list, you will need to add a column named “Group” and then paste the name of your group for each contact by copying the Group name from SendOutCards. (Please note that the group name must match exactly with the name found in SendOutCards. Even an extra space may cause an error resulting in the contacts not being imported into the group)
  4. When you are matching up the fields in the Import Contacts screen, you will match your Group column to the very last field or drop down box titled "Contact Type (Group)." By doing this, your contacts will fall into the specified group.
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