Return Address Information

We produce and ship all cards from our Salt Lake City, Utah facility through our partnerships with the USPS, Canada Post, Australian Postal Franchise, and other US-based carriers (UPS, Landmark Global, Live Wire, FedEx, DHL, etc.)

With one production facility, the logistics are challenging and are always changing as postal services and country custom requirements change.

United States - For recipients in the US, we use US Postage/Permit Imprint Indicia if the sender has a US return address. USPS requires that all mail using US Postage/Permit Imprint Indicia have a US return address. 

Canada - For Canadian recipients, we use Canada Postage/Permit Imprint Indicia and the sender’s return address. 

Australia - For Australian recipients we use Australia Postage and the sender’s return address is used.

International (all other countries) - For all international return addresses outside the US, your card will have the sender’s name and company name (if they have chosen one) but the address will be changed to c/o with the SendOutCards corporate address.  

The SendOutCards team will continue to do everything possible to improve the prompt delivery of all cards mailed out from its Salt Lake City facility.

Updated: 05/04/2020

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