Step-by-step instructions on how to create and send a campaign.

A campaign is a card you want to use more than once or send to multiple people. Below are written instructions on how you can create and complete a campaign

1. Click Campaigns on the left hand side of your screen.
2. Click the blue + button on the upper right hand corner.
3. Give your Campaign a name, then click Create Campaign.
4. Click Add Card, then choose your card.
5. Add the type of card you want and hit next.
6. Click the arrow to the right and open up your card.
7. Add pictures or text.
8. Click the arrow to the right to see the back of your card.
9. Click Layouts to the left if you want to change your back.
10. Click Create New at the bottom if you want to save the changes.
11. Click Add to Campaign at the bottom right.
12. Click Send Order at the top.
13. Add a checkmark in the Select All box then click Create at the bottom right.
14. Verify the return address is as you want it to be listed, you can edit it to the right if needed. Be sure to click Save Address if you make any changes.
15. Click Add Recipients, you will then be able to assign the contacts you wish to receive this card by adding a checkmark next to their name. You can also assign a group of contacts by clicking on the View Groups icon next to the search bar. You can add a new contact if needed by clicking on Add New Address found at the top left.
16. Once you have the contacts selected for the Campaign, click Done at the bottom right.
17. Click Ready to Send.
18. Click Send.
20. You can verify the Campaign has been sent by going to Account on the left side and click Card History.

How to send a Campaign that has already been created

1. Click Relationships on the left.
2. Add a new name by clicking the + button on the right.
3. Check an existing name if you’ve already entered their info.
4. Go to the right hand corner of screen to Campaign.
5. Select your Campaign and submit.
6. You can review now review the Campaign and make changes if necessary.
7. Click Ready to Send, then Send.

Click here to learn how to send a campaign using the website. Click here to learn how to easily send a Campaign using your smartphone through the app.

Updated: 05/07/2020

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