SendOutCards has five types: 4x6 postcards mailed without an envelope, flat cards, two-panel cards, three-panel cards, and big cards that are 8.2 x 11.5 inches.

These cards can be printed on standard, satin, or pearl paper.

  • Standard paper, the default option for card-sending, is a 14-pt, glossy finish paper.
  • Satin - The satin paper provides a matte to semi-gloss finish that will soften the feel of your cards. At the same caliper as the standard glossy paper, the satin paper maintains a high level of quality while providing a smooth, professional feel.
  • Pearl - For any card you want to make extra special, choose pearl paper. Pearl paper is slightly thicker than our standard glossy.

SendOutCards prints cards on paper that is made up of at least 10% post-consumer recyclable materials. The paper specifications are below:

Caliper: 0.014 (14 mils) or 14 pt
Media Weight: 130 lb. Cover
GSM (grams per sq/meter): 306

Updated: 05/06/2020

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