Why can’t I upload a video into the SOC Pro App?
You might need to toggle the Use Cellular Data button in My Profile/Settings to on.

When can I track the links that I share?
The only time a link is trackable is if the link is sent via SMS text or email. Links are not trackable if they are shared via social media. On the Feed tab you can who you sent links to and if the recipient has clicked on the link you sent.

Does it cost money to subscribe to the SOC Pro App?
It is free to Affiliates for the first 90 days.

If an Affiliate has an issue with my SOC Pro App, who will they contact?
They can either contact the SendOutCards Customer Success team at (801) 463-3800 or by reporting a problem through your SOC Pro App by going to My Profile > Settings > Support.

Is the SOC Pro App for Customers and Affiliates?
The SOC Pro App is a tool for Affiliates only.

What's the difference between SOC Pro App and AppreciationPAL?
While AppreciationPal provided resources that Affiliates could share to bring in more customers, the SOC Pro App is a comprehensive center that houses everything Affiliates need to start and build their businesses, real-time corporate communication, and the tool is FREE to the Affiliate.

Why am I forced to change the example message when sharing on social?
To ensure that Facebook does not mark the message as spam because multiple people are sharing the same content, you are required to make the post unique. The example message is there to help you write out what you want to say.

I deleted a reminder, but I want to put it back. How do I do that?
Find the notification in your feed that you originally set the reminder on, and swipe to set a new reminder.

How do I change the order of my tools?
On the home screen, tap the toggle button in the top right corner. From there, use the three lines to drag the tools into whatever order you’d like them to be in.

When I share via email, it is not coming through my email, why?
You will need to edit the email settings in the desktop SOC Pro App page.

How do I transfer contacts from AppreciationPAL to SOC Pro?
Follow the steps outlined in this video: https://appreciationpalsystem.com/?lead_id=2285#single/0

How do you send a Free Card link from the SOC Pro desktop?
Log in to the desktop app and click on the Share a Video button. You’ll find several quick videos that you can send to people to teach them about SendOutCards. On each video page, the Send A Free Card button will allow the recipient to send a free card on you.

Does SOC Pro App have weekly relationship messages like AppreciationPAL?
Not at the moment but they will be added soon.

How do I Favorite a function so I can easily find it?
Anything can be added as a favorite if you tap the thumbs up Favorite button while viewing a specific piece of content or tool with the SOC Pro App.

Updated: 05/12/2020

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