The SendOutCards system allows you to quickly act on your promptings, and send out a real greeting card with a few clicks. The basic card/gift sending process is outlined below.

1. Click Catalog in the left panel menu

2. Search for a specific card in the search bar or scroll to browse through the card categories.

3. Click on the card you’d like to use. Click Customize. Choose your card and paper type

4. Click Next. Click the arrows to see the front, back and inside of the card. To insert text, click on the pencil icon inside the card or on whatever panel you'd like to add text to. Once you’ve added the text you’d like, click Next.

5. This will take you to the page where you will select the date and time for sending and select the Recipient(s) of the card. If you do not wish to send, you can simply leave the page and later locate the card in your Drafted Orders. Otherwise, If you want to schedule the card, click Send Immediate to see other options for the send delay. You will select the Recipient(s) by clicking on the Add Recipients button. This will allow you to add the Recipient information or locate the saved information in the Relationship Manager. After you have entered/selected the Recipient(s), click the Done button. 

6. Next, you will click on the Ready To Send button, a pop-up screen will appear that will provide you with a preview of your order, including the cost of the card. If the order looks correct, click Send.

7. Once the card has been sent successfully, you will receive the following confirmation.

Tutorial Videos:

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Updated: 04/30/2020

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