Adobe Flash is a software plug-in available to web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. The plug-in allows animations and video to run within web pages. In 2017, Adobe announced that support for Flash will be discontinued in 2020 with the plug-in being entirely removed from all browsers on December 31, 2020. To be ahead of this change, SendOutCards launched a new website in April of 2018 that is not based on Flash. Any account created after the new site launched will not need access to Adobe Flash to use the website. 

While the SendOutCards legacy website remains intact, users that had existing accounts before the launch of the new website in 2018 may still access the legacy website. Please note that even though it is still possible to create cards on the old site, many features such as campaigns and the contact manager are no longer supported. For the best experience, please click on Launch Prompt Editor at the top of the page to use the new website. 

If a user elects to send a card through the legacy website, an updated and active Adobe Flash plugin will be required. When not activated, you may see an error and the Card Editor will not load for you. To download the latest plug-in for your browser, you can visit Adobe's site by clicking the link below.

After downloading and installing the updated plug-in, close and restart your browser to make sure the updated changes take effect.

For further instructions, please click the appropriate link below:

Google Chrome (Mac and PC)
Mozilla Firefox (Mac and PC)
Safari (Mac) 

Updated: 05/07/2020

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