In the legacy site, when attempting to use the SendOutCards card editor to design cards, you may experience a blank, white screen after selecting a card. You may also see an "error 2046". These errors are local computer errors, versus a SendOutCards site error. These errors are associated with the Adobe Flash plug-in that is required for using the card editor system. 

The following steps will help you resolve these errors.

1.  Verify that your Adobe Flash plug-in is updated for the web browser you are using. If using Google Chrome, the plug-in should be updated automatically. For all other browsers, you can verify that you have the updated plug-in at the following Adobe link: . If the Adobe site prompts you to download the latest plug-in, please download the plug-in and restart the browser after install.

2. After restarting the browser, see if the error continues, if the error is still displaying, move on to the next step.

3. If your Adobe Flash is updated and you still experience the error, a change must be made in the Adobe Flash Global Settings page. To access the settings page, click on the following link while in your web browser:

4. The Adobe Flash help page will display with the Global Storage Settings panel as seen below. **NOTE: The settings manager looks like an image on the page, but is actually the settings panel**

5. Inside the settings panel, uncheck the box next to, "Store common Flash components to reduce download times." then click confirm, on the ensuing popup box.

6. Restart your browser to complete the resolution for that error.

What Browsers are Compatible With the SendOutCards Site?


1. Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox 

Browsers that may not be compatible:

1. Internet Explorer

2. Microsoft Edge

Updated: 11/11/2019

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