Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a big card?

-8.2 x 11.5 inches

Can I only create certain cards in the Card Catalog as a big card?

-You can choose any card in the Card Catalog to send as a big card!

Do I have the same card editing capabilities as I do with regular cards?

-Absolutely! With big cards, you have the same templates and editing capabilities as you currently have with any other card option.

Can I use images obtained from the internet for my big cards?

-As long as you have the proper license to use the image and as long as the image is high enough quality. When selecting images from the internet, make sure to check the copyright information for any image before downloading the image. Most images on the internet are low-resolution, but sometimes a “large” or “high-resolution” version of an image is available. Stock image sites (like allow you to choose the size/resolution of an image before purchasing and downloading the image. In this case, make sure the image you are choosing is 1500 X 2100 pixels at 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) or greater.

What font sizes work the best on big cards?

-The default font size is set to a 25-point font. Feel free to change this however, SendOutCards recommends using fonts larger than 14-point to make sure the text is easy to read.

Will big cards take longer to deliver?

Big cards are sent via First Class Mail and should not take longer to deliver than a regular sized card.

Why is there a cardboard insert sent with each big card?

A cardboard insert has been included in each envelope to prevent the big cards from bending or folding.

Updated: 11/11/2019

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