How can I fix a zip code from the North East which leaves the "0" off the front on my import file?

Formatting of Zip Codes in MS Excel In MS 2007-2010

In the North East of the US the Zip Codes all start with the number “0”. The default for MS Excel is to drop the first zero unless you change the formatting of that column.  The fix is to change the Zip Code column to "Zip Code" format


  • On your import spreadsheet, highlight the column you wish to change to ZIP CODE Format.
  • On the Ribbon, on the Home tab, find the number format section. Locate the drop down box with the default text of “General”.
  • Click on the drop down box and select the more number formats, this will open up a new window.
  • In the field on the Left side there are categories, select “special”, this will bring up options in the right side field.
  • Select ZIP CODE.

Be sure to look over your data to ensure the zip codes are accurate.

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UPDATED: 10/6/2018

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