What is a Form 1099?

A Form 1099 is an earnings statement reported by SendOutCards to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in accordance with laws for non-employee compensation, otherwise known as commissions of earnings of more than $600 US during that tax year.

When are the Form 1099's available?

All Form 1099's are mailed out by January 31, to the account address on file for the previous tax year (IE: 2019 tax year Form 1099's are mailed by January 31, 2020)

What if you do not receive your Form 1099 and need a replacement?

If you earned $600 or more in the calendar year and do not receive your Form 1099 by March 1st, please contact support by calling 801-463-3800, emailing  support@sendoutcards.com, or clicking on the Help icon in the lower right corner of your account and selecting Message to request a duplicate copy. 

Updated: 11/11/2019

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