How do I send a campaign?

Sending campaigns through the SendOutCards system provides a quick and easy way to send the same card to a single individual or an entire group of contacts at once.

This walk through will review the steps for sending a campaign. If you need assistance creating your campaign, please click the following link: How to Create a Campaign

Please feel free to review the sending portion of the campaign tutorial video (starts at the 4:25 mark) or review the following steps for sending a saved campaign.

Step by step instructions:

1- From the Home Page. Hover your mouse over Main Menu and select the Find A Contact option.

2- This will bring you to the Contact Search Screen. You will need to search the Contact Manager, to bring up the contact(s) you wish to send the campaign to. You can search for an individual contact, pull up your entire contact list or bring up a group of contacts.

***SOC Tip: Organizing your contacts into groups will allow the campaign sending process to proceed more quickly and smoothly. For instructions on organizing your contacts into groups, click the following link: Managing Contacts.***

To search for a single contact: Enter a contact's name into the search field then click on the green "Find Contact" button.

To display your entire contact database: Click on the. green,"Find Contact" button without entering any information into the search fields.

To search for a group of contacts: Scroll down and under the Groups To Include section, place a check next to only the group you want to view. Then click the green Find Contact Button. For a detailed walk through of pulling up a group in the Contact Manager, click the following link:How to pull up a group of contacts?

3- The search results page will display the contacts that fit the search you have completed. You will notice that each contact will have a green check mark next to the contact name. You can click on the check mark to remove the contact from the selected contacts to send the campaign to. There is a "unselect" option above the check marks to select or deselect all the displayed contacts at once. Once all the contacts that you want to send the campaign to have been selected, you will click on the green "Campaigns" option above.

4- You will now select the campaign name that you wish to send from the drop down menu and click on, "Send Campaign To Checked."

**When sending a campaign with a birthday or anniversary send option, you will want to ensure that none of the contacts, have a date that is within the next 7 days. If they do have a saved event date within the next 7 days, you will want to read the following article: Using birthday/anniversary send options ***

5-The system will now prepare to send the campaign and calculate the points and expense needed to complete sending. One of the following 3 screens will come up:

If you have enough points and expense to cover the sending request, a confirmation message will come up displaying the needed points and expense and to confirm if you would like to send the campaign. You will want to click the green Continue button to send the campaign. You may now proceed to step 6 to ensure that your campaign was sent.

If you do not have enough points and/or expense in your account, the system will prompt you with the total needed and provide a link to add the funds to your account. You will need to proceed to add funds to your account in order to send the campaign. Once you have added the funds to your account, you can retry sending the campaign. You may now proceed to step 6 to confirm your campaign was sent.

If you have questions about points and expense, please review the following link: What is the difference between points and expense? 

NOTE: The campaign will not automatically send once funds are added. You must return to this screen and click on Retry Sending Campaign OR complete the sending steps again once the funds are added to the account.

If there is an error with the campaign, the following message may appear. You will want to review the following link: Why Can't I Send My Campaign? to review the most common causes of these errors. Once you have corrected the errors, you will want to retry sending the campaign.

6- Once you have completed sending the campaign. You will receive the following message.

7-You can now hover your mouse over the Main Menu option on the toolbar and click on My Dashboard to view the confirmation message. See example below.

You may also review the campaign cards scheduled to send from the Card History menu. Hover over Main Menu and click on card history. You may now click on View All Scheduled Cards to see each card recipient and the date it is scheduled to send.

The unfulfilled campaign screen on the card history page will allow you to view all campaign cards that are scheduled to be sent (see below). The date on the left is the day you logged into the system and sent the cards. To view the scheduled send date, you will click on the edit button next to each card listing. This screen allows you to stay on top of the contacts you have pending campaign cards, scheduled to send out.

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