Multi User Account Dashboard Overview

The SendOutCards Business Bundle includes the Multi-User account product. This product is catered for the power users and business owners using SendOutCards. This option allows you to create sub accounts that can be managed by the master account. This feature gives ultimate flexibility to those looking for a multiple user interface, within the SendOutCards system. With this product, the master account holder can create sub accounts for sales teams, employees or family members. While having direct visibility to the cards being sent, and managing the funds in the account. To review the Multi-User account tutorial click here.

To get started using the Multi-User Account product. Click on the Multi User account option under the main menu option. If the option is not listed under main menu, you will need to upgrade to the Business Bundle by clicking here.

After selecting the Multi-User account option, the dashboard will display. You will find a basic overview of the Multi-User dashboard below.

A- Account Info : This is the default return address used for all accounts.Sub account holders are able to modify independently if required. This section will also show the amount of purchased sub account licenses, and the amount currently used.

B- Available Points & Expense : This section will display the points and expense in the master account. These are the available funds to be distributor to the sub accounts as needed.

C- Plan Management Buttons: These buttons will allow the master account holder to control the administrative functions of the account. These features will only be available to the master account holder, or those users that are selected as a ADMIN user on the account.

-Buy Points & Expense: Used to purchase points and expense for the account.

-Custom Back Panel: Used to select the custom back used for all cards sent from sub accounts (Note:Sub account holders will only be able to use the back selected on the master account. Sub accounts will not have the custom brand manager option to design individual custom back panels).

-Invite Users: Used to create sub accounts, by inviting users to join account via email. An email is sent to the new user, with a direct link. By clicking on the link in the email, they will be able to set up the sub account and create the user name and password for the sub account.

-Purchase more users: Allows the master account holder or ADMIN user, to purchase additional sub account licenses.

D- User/Account control center: This section of the dashboard will allow the master account holder or ADMIN user to view activity and manage sub accounts.

-Shared Users Tab: Allows users to delegate a user as a ADMIN user, control active sub accounts and manage user profile including points and expense.

-Card History Tab: View the cards/gifts sent from sub accounts

-Points & Expense Log: View the detailed report of points and expense being transferred and used by sub accounts.

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