How does the birthday/anniversary option work when sending cards?

The SendOutCards system will allow you to send cards with a birthday or anniversary send option IF you have a saved date in a contact. The system will schedule the card automatically to arrive by the event date. This article will review common questions that come up when using that option.

When will the system schedule cards using the anniversary/birthday send option?

-The system will base the send time on the contact location, and the date saved within the contact profile.The send time will be based upon the following schedule

Continental USA recipients- 7 days prior to the date saved in the contact

Alaska and Hawaii recipients- 10 days prior to the date saved in the contact

Canada recipients- 12 days prior to the date saved in the contact

All other International recipients- 14 days prior to the date saved in the contact

***Keep in mind that if you send a card to a contact, and the event date is closer then the scheduling guidelines above, the card will be scheduled the next year. For example if it is January 1st, and you send a birthday send option card to a USA contact with a birthday of January 5th. The system will want to schedule the card to go out on December 24th. As that date had already passed the card will be scheduled for the next time that date comes up the following year***

If I schedule a campaign card using the anniversary/birthday send option. Will the system send a card out every year automatically?

-No, when you scheduled a campaign card, it will only schedule the one card on the next birthday. You would need to send the campaign to the contact once a year, to send out the following year. Most users will create a new campaign for every year, so they can change the card out every year.

What happens if I send a card using the anniversary/birthday send option, and the recipient does not have a saved date to base the sending off of?

-The system will give you an error, and not allow you to send the card/campaign to that contact. You will want to add the date to the contact then reattempt the sending process.

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