How do I get started using SendOutCards?

How did you hear about SendOutCards?

We are a referral-based business. You will want to contact the person who sent you a card/gift or introduced you to SendOutCards. If you have the name of an Independent Referral Partner, or they have given you a Sponsor/Genealogy ID, you can click on the, "Get Started" option under the company tab at or click HERE. During the signup process, you will be prompted to enter the sponsor/genealogy ID. You can also search for a distributor, by name, and select them if needed.

If you are not in contact with an Independent SendOutCards Referral Partner, we can provide you with the contact information of someone who will properly introduce you to the different ways you can get started with SendOutCards. Contact our Support Team and let them know which country you reside in and they can provide you with information for someone in your area. Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page for Support hours and contact information.

Ways to get started

SendOutCards has many User options available, based on your needs. Select one of our Subscriptions to get the best value on our most popular offerings, or start with one of our Basic option. Once your account is created, you’ll have access to the SendOutCards system where you can create and send cards, gifts and more!

Looking for an opportunity to build a residual income stream by sharing the SendOutCards system? Join SendOutCards today as a Referral Partner by adding the $59 Referral Partner option.

For details on the different account options, click HERE.

For details on the cost of cards with the SendOutCards system click HERE.

Updated: 9/29/2018

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